When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know (Signed LP)
This vinyl will be pressed on eco-friendly reclaimed vinyl. Due to the nature of this type of vinyl pressing, the colouring will vary from the colouring displayed in the product image.

When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know (Signed LP)

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Available from: October 21 2022
This product is currently on pre-order and will be dispatched inline with the release date.


Wide spine 12" sleeve containing 2 black vinyl with inner sleeves. Printed on 100% recycled card using plant based inks. Finishes are water-based and contain no toxins. Packaging + inner sleeves are recyclable and has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Vinyl is made from 100% recycled black PVC (fidelity is comparable to virgin material colour vinyl), with labels printed on FSC-certified paper using traditional inks. Protective brown paper back is printed using plant based inks.

Track list: 

1 Think U Know Me (Intro)

2 Ride With Me

3 All Good

4 Mistakes (Interlude)

5 My Way

6 Downright

7 On Reflection (Interlude)

8 Smoking

9 Walk Away

10 Happy No More

11 End Up Alone (Interlude)

12 I Know

13 Slow

14 Heal

15 Hold Up (Interlude)

16 This Stage

17 Only Love